Monday, 14 December 2020

Christmas is starting despite the lockdown


Many businesses are either determined to have some trading other the christmas period with safety measures in place. There has been in recent days a noticeable increase in the number of business building new websites for the christmas season. Quite a number of them are encouraging online spending. Some London businesses reopened their business and online shops on the 3rd December 2020, only to be forced to suspend the process whilst stuff caught up with the backlog. 

You may remember that predicted that despite covid the pandemic and the quarantine lockdowns that For the UK and England people would find it difficult to suspend their christmas. So far the results that are being found on the internet bear out this prediction. 

Please enjoy your christmas but be careful and follow the guidelines at all times. 



Thursday, 3 December 2020

Covid lockdown update and predictions.

 Christmas season 2020 cover update news on the current situation in the uk.

It would appear that possibly up to 50% of the traditional christmas markets, a very popular activity in the UK are not going to open their doors this christmas and have chosen, to follow the UK governments advice, whilst others have announced reduced customer attendance with UK government social distancing measures in place.

Yet at the same time there does seem to be a greater number of companies that have in the past week or so,  opened new improved business websites. Proactively promoting their christmas ranges, with an encouragement to purchase online. has also noticed a few christmas tree farms announced that they will not be opening this season due to the pandemic. Yet others are like wise making new websites and new webpages, with the last week of November being the opening dates.

Some christmas tree farms will be limiting customers at their out of town christmas tree farms, with a pre booking only system, for customers. Indeed one major central London supplier of christmas trees to Central London Offices and large trees for council outdoor locations has announced it will not be operating this year, and wishes all it's customers a good christmas and will see them again next year.

For all the latest updates regarding christmas market openings and christmas tree farm openings and christmas tree deliveries. Please visit either of these two pages and view the latest information that can be found.



It is currently looking like some places will be having a quiet christmas and some places will either experience a more normal last minute rush whilst other business are possible gearing up for more online sales this year.

Please whatever your christmas plans be responsible. 

Whatever you are planning to buy or for whomever you are planning to buy for. 
Check the opening times and covid plans online of the business you may be planning to visit.

Monday, 12 October 2020

Removal of a development page from the site

A near duplicate page has gone: 

An advertisers or registered members page with a tabulated list format showing the current status of an account, has today been removed from the site, this particular page was used primarily as a testing and database debugging page. Advertisers content can now be seen on all pages with the following url  

To view or search for businesses or services that are operating at christmas please visit the home page and continuing browsing from there. 

Also would like to give a brief update the website. A lot of work has taken place in the background to bring you a fully comprehensive and user interactive directory of christmas related information, business operating and services open at this often quite time of year.

During the next two weeks there will be more news updates on the development of the site. Please note there are now four new pages accessible from the footer area of many pages. That are there to help and assist visitors or new registered members to use the site to their best advantage

Monday, 5 October 2020

Mixed Messages for Christmas 2020

The traditional what's on at christmas websites

Are somewhat uncertain about what will be open this year 2020 

Quite a few are still displaying last years opening details, whilst others are openly admitting to being uncertain about what events or what places are going to be open. Rest assured this blog and the accompanying website will continue to try and find for you recommended places to eat drink celebrate or to visit at christmas. Please at all times follow the guidelines of your local health authorities or the most recent government advice, regarding social distancing and crowd numbers especially inside when visiting other members of your family friends or relatives.

It does seem to be the case that the virus spreads more easily in home settings when lots of people are confined indoors for long periods.

Saturday, 3 October 2020

Christmas is not dying it will continue

 Will traditional christmas pantomimes continue? 

Christmas time is hard to kill life goes on!

Whilst many of the traditional christmas activities are being curtailed this year of the pandemic, man's ingenuity continues and emerging today in the news columns of the UK local rags are stories of drive in pantomimes being organised.

 Be sure to come back here for regular updates or 

The website predicts that christmas will mostly be as per usual this year for many people, we as a social gathering species; will find it extremely difficult not to continue as usual, It is likely that as we draw closer and closer to the end of the year festivities we will or shall see many more such adaptive measures to continue life as close to normal as possible. 

Monday, 28 September 2020

Governments are saying no christmas this year

The shops are stocking up the sales are being advertised

People are thinking about what christmas will be like this year, will it be a disaster will it be muted or is it going to continue very much as usual? these are a few of the questions being discussed and thought about, but the signs are that the vast majority of people are already planning at least some sort of christmas. Christmas products are beginning to appear in shops and supermarkets. Retailers are advertising christmas sales and boxing day sales pretty much as usual.

This blog is primarily for the christmas season 2020 by written as a separate blog especially to keep you informed of what to expect this 2020 season. Whilst it is true that many shopping centres, christmas markets, theatres and other venues that traditional do well over the festive season, are putting up notices to the effect of check first., before booking or simply just turning up. 

There are other signs that many people intend to celebrate as usual this year. Certainly online shopping is set to rise exponential this year compared to previous seasons. Visit to be able to find the sales in your area from the comfort of your armchair.

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Christmas Shopping 2020 and Covid

 What will happen to Christmas Shopping 2020

The difficulties shops and businesses will face 

We are all aware of the difficulties shops restaurants cafes and business will face this year. Online shopping was on the increase before the pandemic anyway, it remains to be seen what the end of this year will bring. 

It seems likely that online shopping will increase dramatically this year amidst the current pandemic the world is jointly? fighting.

There is now a new website that includes all possible categories of shopping and services that consumers might be interested in searching for over the forthcoming christmas period. follow the link above for more details. 

Arranged to assist with regional and local searches covering the whole of the UK categories include not only the usual christmas shopping but there are also sections of the website dedicated to social services and charity help and many of the services that are traditionally closed down for christmas in the UK.

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Christmas Shopping 2020 and Covid

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